Monday, August 19, 2019

Embrace your Destiny

                                                       Photo Credit: Unsplash

"Embrace your Destiny"

According to the customs and taboos of the society
She bounded herself
To live a life led by authority

But when she couldn't even breath
She realized to see
That she is not the one
To flow with the wave
She herself is a storm
Which she had to embrace

So she raised, and turned the tide
Now the world had to adjust
As she didn't only learn to survive
She decided to live a life to thrive

- Alf Nazar

Sunday, August 18, 2019

I followed my past

"I Followed my Past"

O' the distant past
Crying silences you held
I had followed you

Dripping darkness
From the gagged loopholes
Of unsettled times
I had let you stalk !

In the night of distant past
Ghosts sing around me
How'd they found me....!!

And I crave to escape

Horrors of weaknesses
Built up by left alone
Disowned initiatives
I had let you haunt !

In the night of distant past
Shadows dance around me
How'd they found me....!!

And I crave to escape

O' the distant past !!!
Distant past !
Fiend of your being
I had followed you
Holding cries of my name
I let you follow me

Now I seek the place
Where I crave to escape
For the understanding of those who had hard time to let go of their past...not only because they are not capable of it but also because they cared too much.... Let go and live your life

Thursday, August 15, 2019


When you go cranky in sleep deprivation ... feel the feel of a poet who is also went grumpy 😯
(Last part is for fun, no offense) as sleep disorder is also type of insomnia 


Clock is striking one
Had no sleep, none
Eyes are to dim
Brain is to swim
All questions front of mine
No answer's to find

Can't get no sleep
Need wandering thoughts a bleep

Clock is striking two
Started feeling blue
Can't sleep a wired brain
Will try MTaz again....

(No Insomnia? For fun)

Forget the clock look at the moon
Idiot!! you slept in the noon...! :D

- Alf Nazar

The Crown

The wounds of betrayal and broken trust take time to heal but the lessons and scars are for ever. When keep trusting our loved ones and they keep betraying our trust, our personality starts shifting slowly with out our knowledge.

We could not reckon these little changes and keep trusting and value our alliances with our abuser. Water flows and with every dive we loose a piece of us and reemerge anew. After some time when I start noticing we are unable to believe, we are unable to dismantle, unable to let go.

When our eyes are open towards their pattern, when we are loosing all pieces  and we strive to hold onto our relationship, when we try to confront and make it right, but it was all a play for them and no amount of effort can make it, what we have been imagining it was, in our mind. So we are truly broken now.

The damage is done and we are on our knees, we are left with no power to regain what we thought we have. we need to feel alive again so that we can decide to let go it all. and then restart from zero and we'd give anything to stay away from that wreck again. Only those can understand who have been through this pain, those have endured the enigma of emotional turmoil and then decided to fight it till survival. I wish best luck who are trying and hope and love who are trapped.

The Crown

I reminded myself again in blear
This crown on table I have to wear
Beneath it'd be all
The broken thoughts
I wonder if I could ever repair

A perpetual wound of beaten trust
To reckon my feelings I eagerly touch
Pours the glimpses
Of your alliances
To fancy my life, I let it hurt

Staring at mirror, what I see through
Masquerading hard I found my crew
Strange and aware
Gift of your betrayal
Holding onto dear life I've become anew

If I could stay far from my liar
I'd even crawl to leave this mire
Outpace your dismay
Million galaxies away
I'd keep my crown and rebuild the empire


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Missing You

We miss some one when we love them, like them or infatuate with them. But if there is no way to get back with them or we decided to let go and never be together, in both cases we can't control feelings of missing them. There is actually no way to stop it , all we have to do is to endure the pain, every day, every time, with every sun rise and night fall, doing routine works , even in sleep. So we just keep missing them until one day we don't anymore, or we become a player of our feelings , still uncontrollable in their visits but we can bear the pain now with a smile, we can host them well without crying and feeling a physical pain.

Ahh these baby steps.... toward healing... toward being ourseves again....they take hell of our time, our pain, your everything. But we keep going and one day we master in pain, CEO of our smile, boss of our tears and a better host.... we know how to let pain play with us.

Missing You

The feelings of missing you
Paid me a visit again
I had to host them
Till they go away
And I resume again
My regime of the day

- Alf Nazar

Monday, August 12, 2019

Her Humble Self

There are people on this planet who are amazing and they know their true self and never let it on. They know how they can influence the world, this materialistic, running in race world, where if they let people know themselves, the world would be in awe, would be scared of their success, would be in open or in secrete hate with them. Its their treasure and they are CEO of managing it and making decisions about it. They own it this amazing persona of their beings. They have their own tribe, they live in their own world and they see the whole world naked in front of them. They hold the power of creating or destroying any world for themselves. As amazing as they are they can be humble and limit or extend their powers and abilities for the sake of others and universe.

Her Humble Self

And she knows
The power and influence
Of the eyes, and smile
And her words of mouth
Who can stop her
If she decides to let it on
To let it be known
By others too


Embrace your Destiny

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