Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Missing You

We miss some one when we love them, like them or infatuate with them. But if there is no way to get back with them or we decided to let go and never be together, in both cases we can't control feelings of missing them. There is actually no way to stop it , all we have to do is to endure the pain, every day, every time, with every sun rise and night fall, doing routine works , even in sleep. So we just keep missing them until one day we don't anymore, or we become a player of our feelings , still uncontrollable in their visits but we can bear the pain now with a smile, we can host them well without crying and feeling a physical pain.

Ahh these baby steps.... toward healing... toward being ourseves again....they take hell of our time, our pain, your everything. But we keep going and one day we master in pain, CEO of our smile, boss of our tears and a better host.... we know how to let pain play with us.

Missing You

The feelings of missing you
Paid me a visit again
I had to host them
Till they go away
And I resume again
My regime of the day

- Alf Nazar

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